Simultaneous Interpreting

Successful Communication Across All languages!

Simultaneous interpreting is the almost instant transfer of the spoken word into another language and is probably the most used and well-known type of interpreting. With the right technical setup, simultaneous interpreting not only saves time during your event, but also makes it easy to handle large events with multiple languages without any issues.

In most scenarios, a team of at least two interpreters per language will work in a sound-proof interpreting booth, with either a direct view of the stage or speaker, or in a separate room (with a screen and live video feed).

Lastly, whispered interpreting – so called chuchotage – is a special form of simultaneous interpreting, which is often used in mobile settings and small groups. Usually with the help of a portable tour guide system, the interpreters can work in a variety of situations, from a factory tour, to active workshops, small delegation visits or simply interpreting for one or two delegates.

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