Remote Interpreting

Invite the wor(l)d into your home office

In certain instances, such as in times of social distancing and disease prevention, RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting or “distance interpreting”) can be a very promising technical solution.

RSI allows the interpreters to work remotely from a so-called interpreting hub, a location with soundproof booths and all other necessary technical equipment provided by well-known professional equipment vendors and technical partners in most large German cities. Interpreting hubs are particularly suitable for particularly important or complex events, larger teams with more than two interpreters per language, several language combinations, and longer events.

As an alternative working environment, interpreters can in some cases also work from their home office or another suitably quiet environment to dial in via an online platform to interpret simultaneously into a virtual channel of the platform. This enables successful interpretation even over longer distances.

Planning an RSI-supported multilingual event requires detailed coordination of all parties involved and careful selection of the appropriate platform or technology for the event in question. We have tested a wide range of technical solutions and providers, including pricing structure and technical capabilities, and will be happy to assist you in selecting the right partners for your event.

Our “Konferenzdolmetscher Deutschland” network has developed free guidelines for improved online meetings and video conferences using interpreters. Please do get in touch for a free PDF of the guidelines – no strings attached!

Last but not least, the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) also recently published their newly developed “Tips for Speakers for Virtual Multilingual Meetings with Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpretation”. You can download the tips right here for free.